Better Business. Better Care.

Enlighten Analytics® is a business intelligence platform that helps behavioral health organizations harness the power of their data to reduce costs, improve operations and enhance patient care. Enlighten Analytics® is affordable, intuitive and easy to use. It works with most EHR platforms and can be implemented quickly using your existing data.

Organizations who have implemented Enlighten Analytics have experienced

  • dramatic improvements in clinical quality and productivity
  • more accurate and consistent reporting
  • improved patient access to services
  • lower overall operating costs
  • improved resource and ROI tracking by patient, program and location
  • analytic capability to cross-reference health disparities with patterns in a community, region or state
  • increased adaptability to outside factors like federal funding and insurance regulation changes
  • ability to quickly and easily generate reports by program, service mix, CPT code, clinician, payer, location, and patient demographic
  • strengthened accountability for staff productivity

Crisis Analytics takes Enlighten Analytics® to a whole new level, with customized features and functionality specific to your organization.  Learn more about Enlighten Analytics and Crisis Analytics.

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